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KAYA’s Information Technology (IT) department offers a broad range of IT services for both Department of Defense and commercial customers. We design and develop networks, databases and offer comprehensive help desk support for IT issues—including video teleconferencing, software and hardware problems and upgrades, and user account and password management. We provide data backup and recovery solutions as well as network security, including Information Assurance (IA).

KAYA offers comprehensive, integrated Geographic Information Systems (GIS) support, including data collection and georeferenced spatial data; we build enterprise GIS databases and interactive web mapping systems to support a variety of disciplines including real property, utilities, real estate, mission and test, environmental, and master planning.

Representative Projects

IT Support to the US Army Combat Readiness/Safety Center (USACR)

Kaya ​​developed safety-related management information systems and provided a full range of IT infrastructure support to the USACR. Our support covers the Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Information Management (C4IM) requirements as defined in Army Regulations. We perform:

  • Business Process Reengineering

  • Information Systems Security

  • Information Assurance

  • Software/Middleware Development

  • Enterprise Design/Integration/Consolidation

  • Education and Training

  • Program and Project Management

  • Systems Operation and Maintenance

  • Network Support

  • Facility Infrastructure Support

U.S. Army Reserve Base Operations Directorate (ARIMD) Support

Pond and Company and KAYA provided GIS data collection and Proactive Real-property Interactive Space Management System (PRISMS) development and upload for U.S. Army Reserve sites. The effort was designed to allow the Army Reserve to develop a standardized baseline set of GIS data layers for real property assets at approximately 900 locations. Additionally, we collected and developed data at each location for the PRISMS suite of tools used by the U.S. Army to facilitate asset management for its facilities including U.S. Army Reserve Centers. Leveraging this technology and data will enable planners and decision makers to make more informed decisions, maximizing the efficient use of land, facilities, and space to support assigned missions. KAYA completed site visits in Alabama and Kentucky for the 81st Regional Support Command (RSC), the Northeastern region of the U.S. for the 99th RSC, and in Texas for the 63rd RSC. We surveyed over 9 million square feet of Army Reserve facilities within the U.S.

Yuma Proving Ground EGIS Upgrade and GIS Support

In 2013 KAYA was contracted to upgrade the existing enterprise GIS (EGIS) Web Mapping Viewer. The existing map viewer was previously developed by KAYA in 2009 and since maintained by KAYA. The older web viewer leveraged the ArcGIS Server .NET ADF developed by ESRI. KAYA was tasked with upgrading the existing .NET application to meet the most current version of ESRI’s ArcServer (v10.2) and using ESRI’s Silverlight Viewer (v3.2) framework. KAYA also created multiple custom imagery caches to support the upgraded map viewer. All of the imagery datasets were re-projected into Web Mercator and then the caches were created using the ESRI and Google scale levels. We also provided YPG with GIS support and services including hosting the YPG Real Property GIS database of record on KAYA’s secure enclave, hosting the web viewer, providing password and login assistance as well as data development and cartographic requests. KAYA completed a full reconciliation of GFEBS data into the GIS database of record, which included over 2800 unique real property records. The records allowed KAYA to update the existing data, create over 20 additional geospatial layers containing valuable real property information and allowing the GIS to be seamlessly linked to the GFEBS data in the future.

Installation Geospatial Information and Services (IGI&S) Support

KAYA supported Army Geospatial Center (AGC) as an Installation Geospatial Information & Services (IGI&S) prime contract holder for 5 years. We successfully supported the same customers over the course of the IGI&S contract at multiple locations, and consistently received praise for our work in the IGI&S community. We provided a wide range of geospatial support under this contract, including data collection, geodatabase development, and headquarters-level support.

Redstone Arsenal Information Technology Test Support

KAYA provided Information Technology (IT) support services to Redstone Test Center (RTC). Our services included systems operation and support, server operations and maintenance, helpdesk support, equipment lifecycle management, and network support. We provided both Tier I and II desktop support in the field and remotely, closing an average of 650 work orders per month. We supported networks, servers, desktops, IT equipment, and maintained all RTC’s phone, Blackberries and video teleconferencing sites. We also provided information assurance (IA), application development, enterprise design and integration, and IT training for hardware and software.

Fort Drum Communications

KAYA was contracted by the Fort Drum Directorate of Public Works (DPW) to resolve discrepancies, errors, and omissions in the existing geospatial data for Fort Drum’s communication network. KAYA modified and updated the existing geospatial database, validated the information by survey-grade GPS, and updated the installation enterprise geospatial system. KAYA also created schematic diagrams in CAD to illustrate the layout of the interiors of manholes and handholes, detailing the entry and exit points of communication cables.

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