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KAYA uses its size and flexibility to tackle large problems in the arena of Air Traffic Control (ATC) communications, construction, and support. With our smaller size and accessibility, we are able to provide responsive service and quality far superior to larger companies. We have completed multi-million dollar contracts in support of ATC, Communications, and Electronics projects for our customers worldwide.

Primary services include Engineering, Furnishing, Installation and Testing (EFI&T) and Integrated Logistics Support services associated with the integration, installation, modification or upgrade of Air Traffic Control equipment, systems and facilities including Navigation and Landing Systems. We also offer extensive experience regarding the design, development and installation of state-of-the-art communications systems.

Representative ATC Projects

Fort Huachuca, AZ ATC Tansmitter/Receiver Relocation Projects

KAYA was awarded a Corp of Engineers (COE) POCA, IDIQ contract by the Los Angeles District, to include all of the South Pacific Division, to support the ATC Transmitter and Receiver Site Relocation Projects at Fort Huachuca, AZ, Libby Army Airfield (LAAF).

KAYA was responsible for the engineering design, site/facility construction, tower renovation, 80’ tower fabrication and erection, tower de-installation, transmitter/receiver relocation, microwave system design and installation. KAYA built the new transmitter facility at Laundry Ridge, which included renovating the existing tower, excavation, ground-up construction of the 30’x30’ Transmitter Facility, access road, perimeter fencing, lightning protection, secondary duct-bank system for electrical service, fire alarm system, UPS, and backup generator. KAYA designed and installed a JF-12 certified microwave system between the Laundry Ridge Transmitter Site and LAAF Communications Equipment Room, which saved the Government approximately $800K in communications infrastructure construction to tie the Transmitter Site in to the existing base infrastructure.

At our Full-Service Fabrication Facility in North Charleston, SC, we designed and fabricated an 80’ self-supporting antenna tower with OSHA-compliant stairs. The tower was packaged and shipped to LAAF, where KAYA performed the site construction and erection of the tower.

After site construction was complete, KAYA personnel completed the transmitter, receiver and microwave system installations, including integration, cutover, testing, training, and acceptance.

Standard Terminal Automation Replacement System STARTS G-4 / ELITE

KAYA provided engineering and technical resources, materials, management personnel and staff to support the Army’s STARS G-4 Program as a part of the DoD/FAA National Airspace System (NAS) Air Traffic Control (ATC) Modernization effort. KAYA provided management, administration, engineering, technical support, storage of ATC equipment, accounting, safety, security, and quality assurance for the Engineering, Furnishing, Installation, and Testing (EFI&T) function of the Army’s PM ATC Program Office. Additionally, KAYA supported the integration, installation, relocation, site preparation,
construction, modification, or upgrade of ATC equipment and systems, and/or facilities as identified by the Army’s PM ATC Program Office.


Raytheon was requested by the Army‘s ATC Program Manager to employ KAYA as the sole source subcontractor to perform both site preparation and post-installation cutover tasks. We performed these tasks at 22 locations, all with an excellent performance rating, ahead of schedule and under budget. KAYA was integral with the initial installation planning for STARS G-4 system (based on the knowledge, expertise, and technical abilities of KAYA’s ATC staff). Personnel at KAYA were responsible for the development of the process by which the STARS G-4 would be fielded and installed, as adopted by the FAA STARS Program Office.

KAYA was also responsible for the STARS ELITE system concept (based on development of STARS LITE platform). The STARS G-4 and STARS ELITE replaces current automation and displays used by FAA and DoD air traffic controllers. With the processing capability to integrate nextgeneration sensors (such as ADS-B), the STARS G-4/ELITE provides a fully sustainable platform for air traffic controllers for the foreseeable future.

Transportable Air Traffic Control (ATC) Communications and Radar Operations Facility (TACROF)

The TACROF is a fully-transportable, containerized, contingent airfield operations system that has the necessary capabilities to replace an Army Radar Approach Control (ARAC) facility—especially useful during renovation, equipment and facility upgrade periods, facility relocations, or in the event of a local natural disaster. This system is comprised of two separate sea-containers fabricated into separate equipment and operations shelters. These shelters contain all of the necessary systems to adequately manage the airspace traffic of a fully-functional approach control facility while maintaining connectivity to the National Airspace System (NAS) (if applicable).

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