Our Services

KAYA’s key advantage stems from our ability to offer wide-ranging services associated with managing facilities and installations including Engineering, Base Operations, Information Technology (IT), Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and Air Traffic Control (ATC) Communications services. Our skill levels in these disciplines are such that we are a known commodity in each market, and each service group could stand on its own as a viable company if required. Our true innovative abilities lie in our capability to integrate these disparate disciplines into a cohesive functional unit to spark efficiencies and cost savings. We have developed a number of web-based applications that continue to be used by our DoD customers for day-to-day operational efficiency.

We are able to execute multiple contracts simultaneously, ranging from $2,000 task orders to $365M Base Operations. Our program managers’ first priority is the customer mission, as evidenced by our record of delivering our products and services on-time and within budget. Our staff has received over 100 commendations for superior performance in the last 10 years, with 99% award fee performance ratings. We look forward to improving your mission through innovation, efficiency, resiliency, and exceptional customer service.

Air Traffic Control

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Base Operations