About Us

KAYA Associates, Inc. (KAYA) is a multi-disciplined, small business providing broad-spectrum services to the Federal Government and the DoD. KAYA specializes in Facilities Engineering, Base Operations, Information Technology, and Air Traffic Control Services. KAYA's strong profile in these market areas is augmented by automated tools, such as Geographic Information Systems, interactive mapping tools, and project-based website development.

KAYA’s strength lies in our depth of knowledge and breadth of service. Our technically proficient, self-motivated, and accomplished staff and our diverse capability set form a substantial foundation of support for our customers. We consistently provide our customers the high quality support they expect, on time and within budget.

KAYA, named for the ancestral province of our founder, is generally interpreted as "the roots of the tree run deep." This interpretation befits our guiding principles of KAYA - namely, to maintain the integrity of our firm, our people, and our customers.

Our Primary Services Include: